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No. 23
No. 23
No. 23
No. 23
No. 23
No. 23

No. 23


Exclusive in-House Blends made from Premium Oils

No. 23 is The G.O.A.T.  it is Tropical and Soothing 

Notes: Rose, Bamboo, Verbena

Rose & Myrrh are exotic, ancient, and spicy.
Bamboo is refreshing and tropical and gives unexpected kick. 
Verbena brings tangy citrus.  
No. 23 is sweet and exotic
Each candle comes with its own lid, which serves as a snuffer and perch
Container is Amber glass
Phthalate Free and Paraben Free
100% Cotton Wicks that are Lead and Zinc Free
Hand Poured 16 oz.
Proprietary Wax Blend
Handmade in Chicago
Woman Owned

You deserve an amazing candle!