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About Me & The Magic


Im so happy that you landed on my page. I made beautifully blended candles in Chicago and I design wall tapestries.

My candles are handmade in Chicago and feature custom aromas and a proprietary wax blend. They are created with unique notes and are for those with an elevated palate. I make my candles for the lovers of home fragrance and for those who want slow burning, fragrant candles. 

My tapestries are hand painted Acrylic on 100% Cotton. They are beautiful and timeless, and complement any decor. They celebrate the Poets and the Poetry of HIP-HOP. ⁠⁠ My processing time reflects the time and energy it takes to craft a beautiful product. Please be patient, they are worth the wait! ❣️✨
I capture the poetry of my favorite writers, they defy the "archetype" of what America defines as poetic value. I do this for the lovers of the "Lost Poets" and the "Usual Suspects". Their WORDS HAVE POWER, and are more than just rhythm riders.

I am moved by the lyricism and I’m ecstatic to showcase the genius behind the geniuses in this way.

⁠I create for my parents and grandparents who were not able to exercise their creativity. I do this in the hopes that my freedom to create will not only pay homage to their sacrifices and bondage, but also for my children who need to see freedom of creativity and expression so they themselves can be free.
Callie is my Maternal Grandmother :: she is 94.
Callie is my Great Grandmother :: she is in the Heavens.
The beauty in the name is that neither of the Callies would have ever met, if not for my Grandfather, who’s name was D.C.

He was both raised by a woman names Callie, and later met and married my grandmother Callie.
This connection has always felt like magic to me.
I honor their magic and them with Callie Decor. ✨🧚🏽‍♀️❣️
I invite you to dazzle those who enter your space💫
Come along with me, follow my Instagram page @callie_decor 🤎