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Our Mission

We are so happy that you have made it to our "mission" page, and that you are curious to know what we are all about.  
Please know that our products are all handmade, and intended to inspire.⁠
We love Hip-Hop and some of the messages that are imbedded within it.
We do this for our parents and grandparents in the hopes that our freedom to create will not only pay homage to their sacrifices and bondage, but also for our children who need to see freedom of creativity and expression for their own pursuits for freedom. ⁠ Callie Decor is named after my Grandmother, who is currently 93, and my Great Grandmother.  We honor them with Callie Decor.   Our mission is to always provide you with our best work, to create aromas that cant be found anywhere else.   With our tapestries, we pull the poetry of hip-hop and present it as beautiful artwork/home decor. 

We hope that you get where we are coming from, and that you love our creations as much as we love creating them!⁠  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or just want to simply reach out...we are accessible via email or phone.  

Thanks for stopping by!