Me & Callie

Callie Decor was born in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood-- on 69th and Bishop.  I am the product of a 70's romance, both sides of my family lived on the same block. 

My Grandfather is the crux of the name Callie Decor.  His mother, my Great Grandmother, was Callie, she is in the Heavens.  He later went on to marry my Grandmother, Callie, she is 95.  Because of this, the name Callie has always felt like magic to me.

My Grandfather came to Chicago from the Mississippi Delta, with a limited education and basically no money. He and my Grandmother poured into me, and for that reason, I honor them, with Callie Decor. I pay homage to their sacrifices and bondage, I create because they couldn't. They were never free-to-be, they worked and toiled, even after coming North.  I honor their magic, and them with Callie Decor. ✨🧚🏽‍♀️❣️
I invite you to dazzle those who enter your home with my products💫
Come along with me 🤎

Callie Decor candles are handmade on the South Side  where I mix oils to create custom blends before adding them to a proprietary wax blend. 

My tapestries are hand painted on cotton duck cloth.  They are beautiful and timeless, and complement any decor. They celebrate the Poets and the Poetry of HIP-HOP.

Side note--my grandfather's name was DC, which are the initials for Callie Decor backwards...Get in on alll this Magic!! ✨🧚🏽‍♀️