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Candle Flight

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Exclusive in-House Blends made from Premium Oils

Our candle flight showcases each amazing Callie Decor fragrance.
Flights are a great way to find favorites, and are great as gifts for him or her.

These bitty's are potent, and will give u a taste of each exclusive blend. Find Your favorites!

Each flight comes with its own set of flame snuffers. 
Containers are Amber glass

Each candle is 2oz, for a total of 10oz. 

Phthalate Free and Paraben Free
100% Cotton Wicks that are Lead and Zinc Free

Included in Flight:
No. 3-Opulent and Lavish
Notes: Jasmine, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood
No. 3 Eucalyptus is lavish, jasmine adds a bit of floral. Sandalwood is sweet & woodsy. 
No.7-Soft and Sweet
Notes: Geranium, Amber, Cedar 
No. 7 is soft and sweet with just a hint of musk!
No. 7b-Sappy Currant
Notes: Currant, Juniper, Coriander
No. 7b  is spunky rich luxury poured into a creamy wax!
No. 15-Pulpy Berry
Notes: Blackberry, Lemongrass, Patchouli 
No. 15 smells like blackberry puree with some lemon & patchouli on top!  
No. 23-The G.o.a.t.
Notes: Rose, Bamboo, Verbena
No. 23 smells like exotic ancient spice. Bamboo gives unexpected kick.  
Hand Poured in Chicago
Woman Owned

You deserve an amazing candle!


For starters, your candle CAN NOT compete with
Fish Fry Friday, Taco Tuesday, or whatever goodness you might be serving! Burn it at appropriate times.

Allow your candle to burn long enough to get a
full melt pool, this will allow full release of all the fragrance notes.

Trim wick to 1/8-1/4 inch between burns. This makes for a cleaner burn and a longer candle life. Allow for a slightly longer wick once your candle is almost burned to the bottom.

To turn candle off, place snuffer on top and let it rest.

Don't worry, the snuffer has been treated.

Don’t leave your candle burning unattended.

Don't put holes in your walls, grab some of those hooks that wont chip your paint from your local store. You will need a level (or you can just eye ball it) and a pencil to mark out the holes for the grommets (the brass circles at the top). Once you identify a location, pop those sticky hooks up and voila, you've got a conversation piece!

Pro Tip: Spray painting the hooks adds another layer of sophistication, gold looks great!